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New workouts are added every week! Including full follow along Train Like a Ballerina classes, targeted workouts, flexibility flows & technique tips & tricks.

Be sure to always consult with your doctor before commencing any new health, fitness or nutrition program. While we’re always here to provide general help and support, this should not be used in place of professional advice.

Relevé is a ballet inspired fitness program created by ex-professional Ballerina Louisa Paterson and founder of Train Like a Ballerina. Combining the beauty of ballet with strength and resistance training to sculpt a lean, defined body of a Ballerina. Combining mat work and floor barre mixed with ballet movements, stretches, cardio & weight training to shape, elongate & strengthen not just ballerina’s bodies, but every body. The TLB method was created on some of the top professional Ballerina's in the world to remain lean & strong through their careers. Now available to all, Relevé makes training like a ballerina accessible to all.

Yes! All Train Like a Ballerina workouts on Relevé have been specifically designed for strength progressions making the programs and workouts possible for complete beginners to professionals dancers. With a range of different programs available you decide how often and how challenging you train.

Heck to the YES you will be! Relevé comes with a range of different programs to choose from including a range of PRO STRENGTH & CONDITIONING programs. Increase the strength of the resistance band used or weights to challenge yourself even further. If you're looking to improve your technique in a certain area, select workouts specifically targeted at turn out, extensions, posture, higher jumps or foot & ankle strength - all ranging from absolute beginners to professionals.

We've designed the workouts so you can train anywhere & everywhere & with minimal to no equipment. There are two styles of workout options to choose from including guided follow along full length videos as well as no sound, swipe across full workouts so you're able to train in studio or at home, with friends or on your own.
In the strength section select between, lower, upper or full body as well as targeted workouts for core, glutes, inner thighs & hamstrings. In our ballet technique section there are full workouts aimed at improving your turn out, extensions, jumps, posture & foot/ankle strength & flexibility.

If increasing your flexibility is what you'e are looking to improve there are hundreds of easy to follow along to stretching and mobility videos as well as targeted videos for side splits, middle splits and all over body flexibility.

All Train Like a Ballerina workouts are designed to do with little to no equipment. Some workouts can be made more challenging with the help of a resistance band or a theraband tied together. Some more challenging workouts do however require small hand weights. We recommend 2 x 2-4kgs but we advise you start with light weights and build up to heavier weights as you progress.

Whether you're looking to increase your over all strength, technique, sculpt a lean ballerina body or increase your flexibility - Relevé has a range of carefully curated programs for you! Ranging from beginner to professional and from 4 weeks - 3 months. After selecting your program you will receive weekly emails showing you your schedule & workouts for the week with easy to access links so all you have to do is follow along & start achieving your goals today!

Sure can! Relevé is $19.50 per month and that gives you access to all of our workouts, key exercises and programs! Or if you’d like to sign up for longer, we have a 3 month subscription for $49.50 (15% off) and a 12 month subscription for just $115 (that’s over 50% off)!

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Yes, ja, sie! Relevé is available worldwide. Through the payment system Stripe your payment will be calculated into your currency.

WELCOME to Relevé! Log in using your email and password. Select from hundreds of Train Like a Ballerina workouts on the platform to start working out immediately. Select from strength, flexibility, ballet technique or guided workouts. If a program is what you're looking for, select the program you'd like to join and you will receive an email with your first week of workouts. New workouts are added every week so be sure to check in regularly to see them.

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You have a subscription, so once you make your first payment, all the work is really done. Payments will come out on the date of subscription, and each month after (unless you’re on a longer subscription). You can cancel any time via your profile with complete access to Relevé until the end of your paid period.

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EAT LIKE A BALLERINA is coming soon! But in the meantime if you have any questions about food & nutrition head to our TEAM page and get in contact with one of our team Dieticians, Nutritionists or Naturopaths. They're here to help and look forward to answering your questions!

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The Relevé app is available in the App Store now! All website subscribers can access the app for free using the same login details. Search Relevé training or Train Like a Ballerina in the App Store.

Relevé training Android version is in the making & will be launching very soon! Ensure you subscribe to our website to be one of the first notified when it is released.

YES! All subscribers who are subscribed to the web version will also have full access to the Relevé app. Just simply download the Relevé training app from the App Store and use the same login details.