Diversity and Inclusion in the World of Ballet

The father of ballet, Marius Petipa, paved the way for modern-day classical ballet. Ballet, with its origins in the 15th and 16th century Italian and French Renaissance, has evolved from court entertainment to the contemporary art form we know and love today. The 20th century gave birth to masterpieces such as Romeo and Juliet, The […]

Our guide to tackling performance anxiety

As dancers, we spend our whole lives stringently preparing for the stage. Being on that stage is a dream come true, the culmination of years of hard work and scrutiny. But, just before going on stage, have you ever felt dizzy, nauseous, or you go blank and can’t remember your choreography? Your mind is racing, […]

The best ballet workouts for legs & butt

Ballerinas are known for their exquisite physique, extraordinary strength, and impeccable grace. Ballet dancers are conscientious about their training, spending countless hours to perfect their craft. The lean, sculpted body of a ballerina exudes both strength and elegance. A ballerina is always in control of every movement, and every muscle of her body as she […]

Feminism in the Dance World

In the wake of the women’s marches across the globe, the #metoo campaign and the stars of Hollywood creating a storm in the wake of insurmountable sexual harassment scandals, it’s only natural to start to hold the same critical lens up within which we see and understand women and gender within the industry of professional […]

IANA SALENKO shares her fitness secrets.

Ukrainian Prima Ballerina Iana Salenko has graced world stages with her exquisite presence for years. From London’s Royal Ballet to the Berlin State Ballet, her drive for success and underniable beauty on stage has set her apart from the rest of the ballet world. Standing at only 5’2″ she manages to fill an entire stage with […]


Okay girls it’s time! It’s time to lift up your right hand with some serious love but ever so gentle anger, slap yourself on your beautiful buttocks and say to yourself, stop it! Stop looking in the mirror and picking out every part of your body that you strongly dislike. Stop focusing only on your […]

Overcoming Injuries

There are certain moments in a dancers career which are firmly sketched into our brains for the entirety of our lives. The moment we slip into a pair of pointe shoes for the very first time, or master a dreaded entrechat (still yet to do that), the first news of landing a role we worked […]

A world without Art (-ists)

Written by Jaslyn Reader Well…. As someone who has lived and breathed art from as young as I can remember – painting, drawing, dancing and to my mothers misfortune, singing- this will no doubt be a difficult thought experiment for me but here we are. On the cusp of a global pandemic, another global recession, […]

PROTEIN: What you should know

If you’ve gone your entire life believing that ample protein intake is just for body builders and ego enriched men at the gym looking for gains on gains, then you are amongst 90% of most women and dancers. But we are here to burst your little bullshit bubble and lead you in the right direction […]

Yoga & Ballet

How Can Yoga Improve My Dancing? Most people that start practicing yoga do it to improve their flexibility and fitness.  Well as dancers we already spend so much time on these things.  So you may be wondering, how can I possibly improve my dancing through yoga? Peace of mind Patanjali defines yoga as Chitta Vritti Nirodha, which […]