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conditioning program for dancers

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Train Like a Beast
Look Like a Ballerina


  • Sculpt a lean, strong body of a ballerina
  • Hundreds of workouts designed by the world's leading professional ballerinas
  • Workout anywhere, anytime
  • Beginner to professional
  • NEW strength workouts added every month


  • Gain flexibility quickly & safely
  • Learn to warm up & cool down correctly
  • Hundreds of easy to follow along stretching sequences
  • Flexibility focused programs
  • NEW mobility & flexibility flows added every month


  • Improve your technique instantly
  • Learn KEY exercises from professional ballerinas
  • Ballet specific workouts to improve your turnout, extensions, jumps, posture & more
  • Progress from beginner to advanced workouts & exercises

Meet the coach

Professional Ballerina turned elite strength & performance coach. Meet the woman behind Train Like a Ballerina and the vision to help dancers worldwide and empower women globally.

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  • Train Like a Ballerina anytime, anywhere
  • App or web version available
  • NEW workouts added every month
  • Beginner to professional


  • 3 month strength program
  • 6 week back to studio pro strength program
  • 2 months to side splits
  • 2 months to middle splits
  • 6 week flexibility