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Train Like a Beast
Look Like a Ballerina


Hundreds of carefully created exercises & workouts from beginner to professional, with one goal in mind - to sculpt a LEAN & STRONG body of a Ballerina.
Join the strength program that the elite Ballerina’s of the world are already doing, not just to maintain strength but to excel as professional Ballerina’s.


With flexibility & strength programs both available on Relevé, now is your chance to not only remain accountable but to achieve your flexibility goals today! Choose from a range of varied levels of easy follow along stretching sequences with key flexibility exercises to increase your flexibility now.


Learn KEY strength and flexibility exercises to improve not just your strength & flexibility but your technique, grace and posture. From higher extensions, increased turn out & stronger jumps, start training like a ballerina today!

Meet the coach

Professional Ballerina turned elite strength & performance coach. Meet the woman behind Train Like a Ballerina and the vision to help dancers worldwide and empower women globally.

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  • Available 24/7 worldwide
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  • 3 month strength program
  • 6 week back to studio pro strength program
  • 2 months to side splits
  • 2 months to middle splits
  • 6 week flexibility
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